KCR has decided to introduce Special Budget for agriculture

Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to introduce Special Budget for agriculture from the next year and to enhance the funds substantially high for the Agri Sector. The CM has also announced that state wide 2,500 Clusters at the rate of one cluster for every 5,000 acres will be set up and in every clusters dais will be constructed for the farmers to interact. The CM has instructed that the farmers should be educated about the power of unity and the farmers Assocation should be formed from the village to the State level to forge an alliance with other farmers. The CM has also decided to organise training programmes for the farmers from the village to the state level in the new, modern scientific techniques and practices. The CM suggested that there is a need to expand the agriculture ministry as more than two thirds of population is depending on agriculture in the state. If need be retired officers and scientists services should be utilised and the Ministry should be reorganized. He said the state government has taken stringent measures to maintain the land records properly and to put an end to the adulteration of food items.

The CM held an extended high-level review on farmers’ welfare and Agriculture development here on Saturday at Pragati Bhavan. Agriculture Minister Sri Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Government Chief Whip Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Sri Peddi Sudarshan Reddy, MLA Sri Marri Janardhan Reddy, Principal Secretaries Sri S Narsing Rao, Sri Parthasarathy, Ms Shanti Kumari, Agriculture Commissioner Sri Jaganmohan, Horticulture Commissioner Sri Venkatram Reddy, Agriculture University VC Sri Praveen Rao, Marketing Director Ms Laxmi Bai, Scientists from the Agriculture University, Senior officials from the Agriculture Department participated.

“Under the united AP, Telangana farmers were deceived and they were distressed for irrigation water though their area was between the two rivers. They have literally faced hell even to get drinking water. We have decided to put an end to such situation in the Telangana State. Hence we have focussed on agriculture and the Irrigation sectors and we are getting the results. We have began construction of the projects to supply water to one crore acres. Under Mission Kakatiya we are reviving the tanks. We are providing quality 9 hours power supply to the farmers and we will provide 24 hours power supply in future. We have made farmers debt free by waiving Rs 17,000 of their loans. We are supplying seed and fertilisers on time. We have appointed Agriculture Extension officer for every 5000 Acres. We have filled up vacancies in the agriculture department. We are making mandal level agriculture officer as an Agronomist. We are taking steps to restore the past glory of the agriculture university. We are giving Rs 8,000 per acre for two crops as input costs from the next year. Mechanization, Micro Irrigation, Poly house cultivation are encouraged and several more measures will be taken up,” the CM explained.
“Supply seed and fertilisers to farmers on time and by May 15 seeds and fertilisers should reach the village level and act strictly against the fake seeds and adulterated fertilisers. It is unfortunate that some Agriculture officers were involved in the fake seeds racket and see the end of this racket. Expose the culprits and find out the details of those operating from other states and put an end to this business. Continue vigilance attacks, treat making of fake seeds and fertilisers as a cognisable offences and book the culprits under the PD Act. They should get the deterrent punishments and keep a strict regular vigil on them. Supply quality seed to the farmers,” the CM said.

“Formulate plans for getting the high yields. Educate the farmers on the scientific methods to be followed for a higher produce. Constant monitoring is necessary at the village level. This is the reason why the government is setting up of a Cluster per every 5,000 acres and an AEO is appointed for each cluster. Mandal Agriculture officer will be trained to be an Agronomist. They all should be available to the farmers to give advice and suggestions. In Every Cluster there will be a small godowns and a hall. Farmers should meet here to discuss their matters. Getting labour for agriculture has become an issue and only mechanization is the solution. More and more machines should be used in the sector, which will speed up the operations with less expenditure. Government will also help and farmers should be given awareness about this,” the CM said.

“Officers should suggest which crops to be cultivated based on the type of soil and none should go in for crops as per his whims and fancies. Farmers should cultivate the crops suggested by the officers. Farmers should not become enemy with one another by going in for the same crop. Crops should be cultivated as per the demand in the market. State should be divided into crops colonies and different crops should be cultivated. This will lead to high yields and Minimum Support price for the crop,” the CM said.

“Crop cultivation should be based on the needs of the state. Calculate how much food grains are needed for the people in the state and how much of grains, leafy vegetables, pulses, oil seeds are required. Find out how much is need for the consumption of the animals. Come to a scientific estimate. Based on these estimated and food habits, production should be planned. Prepare estimates on how much fruits and flowers are also needed in the State. Farmers should be encouraged to go in for such crops. Export to other states and this will help the farmers and the state will be self reliant on the agriculture produce,” the CM said.

“The Telangana movement has shown what the power of a united strength. With the same spirit the farmers should be united. Form farmers association at the village level, then at the mandal, District and State level Federation should be formed. Get produce to the market after getting permission from the Mandal Farmers Federation. This federation will be facilitators between the farmers and traders for fixing the MSP. In case if MSP is not realised the State Farmers federation will buy the produce and it will have funds for the purpose. Seed money will be allocated in the Budget and funds will be hiked for the Agri sector in the Budget. We will introduce an exclusive Budget for Agriculture. The government has no other priority other than the agriculture where a majority of people are dependent. We will develop agriculture sector spending any amount of funds. We will give farmers Assocation permits to buy the produce. We will also bring in processing policy to sell the produce in the markets. The government aces the responsibility to unite the farmers, strengthen them and get them MSP for the produce. We will conduct training programmes for the farmers to create awareness among them. I will personally give training to 1000 Resource persons in Hyderabad and we will utilise the services of the retired persons,” the CM declared.

“We are compiling the data of agriculture officers in the villages. We will maintain the land records properly now onwards. Whoever sells the land and buys it these details should be communicated to the Farmers Assocation by the registrar. We will take strict measures to bring transparency in land registrations, sale and purchase. Select proper resource persons to create awareness among the farmers. Compile the details of farmers. Finalise what type of crops needed for the state scientifically. Complete the crop colonies division and inform the same to farmers. Prepare a proper foundation for the formation of farmers Associations. Conduct campaigns for farmers’ awareness. Re cast the agriculture department to suit to the future needs,” the CM has instructed the officials.

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