KCR has announced that a special comprehensive plan for MBCs


Telangana Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that a special comprehensive plan will be put in place for the development of the Most Backward Classes (MBCs) in the State. While continuing the BC Corporation, a separate Most Backward Classes Corporation will be set up. Funds for the MBCs will be allocated in the State Budget and the funds will be spent through the MBCDC. Despite the fact that several programmes and schemes were implemented since Independence but most backward classes are still suffering in the darkness due to lack of any development and welfare. There is a need to bring these most backward classes into the light and special programmes should be implemented for them while continuing the welfare schemes for the BCs, the CM explained.


The CM reviewed measures to be taken for the welfare of the MBCs at Pragathi Bhavan here on Monday. Finance Minister Sri Etela Rajender, MLA Sri Srinivas Goud, MBC Association National president Sri Kalappa, General Secretary Sri Sangam Surya Rao, Vice President Sri Nethikar Premlal, Sagar Sangam State President Sri Bangaru Narsing Sagar, Vaddera Sangam President Sri Ethadi Anthaiah, Vaddera Sangam Advisor Dr Orsu Krishnaiah, Vamsaraju (Pichakuntla) Sangam State President Sri P Satyam, Government Doctors’ Association General Secretary Dr Ravishankar, Sagara Sangam leader J Ramulu, Kummari Sangam Leader Sri Shankar,  Sri Jalla Markandeyulu and others participated. The Chief Minister had a lunch with the MBC leaders and representatives and held a marathon meeting of six and half hours.


“After a prolonged fight we have achieved our Telangana State. As informed during the agitation, our State’s financial condition is robust. All classes and sections of the society in the new state should be happy and comfortable. Several castes and families have been distressed due to loss of hereditary professions and lack of assistance from the government. They were not extended political and economic help. They are still in distress.  Though they were part of the BCs, since nobody concentrated on them, they are still languishing and remained the most backward.  The government will identify such classes, families and find out their financial status. An exclusive MBC Development Corporation will be set up to help these sections.  Funds will be spent through the Corporation and how to spend the funds on whom will be decided after having meeting with the representatives of the MBC’s. There will not be any political interference in the Corporation affairs,” the CM assured.

“We have formed the new districts. Steps are taken to asses each and every family, their financial conditions, their problems and as part of this assessment of the MBCs will also be taken up. Based on this plans will be planned to address each and every family’s needs. There people who are still dependent on their hereditary trades. There are also people who left their trades and went for alternative professions. There also people who have no jobs. We have to plan a strategy for these categories.  We will support those who are still in their profession and extend financial help to them.  We will take measures to modernize their trade and provide marketing facilities. We will give skills development, if need be. Those who left the profession, we will provide alternative employment. We will support them in whatever job they want to do. There are some castes, which have no hereditary profession, and for such people we will provide employment based on the local needs. We will make them partners in government constructions and programmes,” the CM said.


“So far the MBCs are feeling that the government is not bothered about them. These castes are agitated that nobody is coming to their rescue. They were upset that they were pushed to the oblivion and they were also depressed.  There is no need to worry now. The MBC’s will directly get funds from the Government. You develop, your castes.  You decided on which caste wants what, what measures to be taken to develop their profession and trades.  The government will merely release the funds.  You decided on the programmes and schemes. Go ahead with the programmes that are implementable at the ground level. March ahead with the confidence that the Telangana government and CM KCR is with you!” the CM told the MBC representatives.


“Enroll in big numbers MBC children into the Government Residential Schools. Get them the quality education so that their future is bright. You also select a profession which has demand in the society and which you can do. Spend each and every paisa given by the government and develop. We will allocate funds in this Budget only.  We will extend the financial help without having any link with the Banks. Get employment out of this.  MBCs in Telangana should develop and become role model for the country. I will derive satisfaction only when MBC are satisfied with the government measures,” the CM said.


Self-confidence in us increased: Kalappa, Surya Rao


MBC leaders Sri Kalappa, Surya Rao said no other CM in the past ever bothered to listen to their pleas and CM KCR was the first CM to spend so many hours with them discussing their problems with lot of patience. They said it was a historic decision to set up an exclusive Corporation for the MBCs and routing funds through it.  The fate of MBCs in the state will turn for better due to the initiatives taken by the CM. They said they would come out with good programme for the MBCs and would not let the CM’s faith on them failed. In society, the MBC will march forward, which is a certainty, they said.  By having lunch with the CM and shared their problems with them had fuelled confidence among them, the MBC leaders said and exuded confidence that they would make rapid strides in development. A new enthusiasm had dawned unto them with the CM acting as their representative, the MBC leaders observed.

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