CM has declared that farmers in the state will be given the necessary technologies for better input production

 Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has declared that farmers in the state will be given the necessary technologies for better input production, financial assistance for the investment, adequate marketing facilities and support from the agriculture department to the farmers and added that the government will make every effort to turn agriculture into a festival. The CM desired that farmers’ suicides should stop in the State, the state should become a role model for agriculture in the country and the farmers who are feeding the society should enjoy proper respect. The CM said that the state government is ready to spend thousands of Crores for the benefit and welfare of farmers.


The CM held a high level review meeting here on Thursday at Pragati Bhavan on government’s financial assistance to farmers for the purchase of fertilisers and constituting Farmers Associations and the measures to implement these schemes. Minister for Agriculture Sri Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Deputy Chairman State Planning Commission Sri S. Niranjan Reddy, MLA Smt Konda Surekha, Principal Secretary (Agriculture) Sri Parthasarathy, and Agriculture University VC Sri Praveen Rao, Horticulture Commissioner Sri Venkatram Reddy, CMP Principal Secretary Sri S Narsing Rao, Special Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal and others participated.

“We have decided to share the increasing burden of investment on farmers. The government will bear Rs 4000 per acre for the purchase of fertilisers. Besides this we are also improving the marketing facilities. We will make all arrangments to get the Minimum Support Price. We have already kept ready Godowns with a capacity of 20.5 Lakh Metric Tonnes. We will also strengthen the Agriculture department. In Telangana State we have 2112 Agriculture Officers including those newly recruited. Their services are available now. We will have one officer per every 5000 Acres. Promotions should be given in the agriculture department. Fill up the vacancies. Agriculture University should get back its past glory. Research studies should increase in the university. Agriculture Officers should be sent for Israel for study.  Let them learn new methods and impart the same to farmers.  Not only the production but also productivity should be increased. For this new methods should be adopted,” the CM said.


“We will change agriculture lands in Telangana State into crop colonies. Officers should tell the farmers what crops they should go in for based on the type of soil, rainfall and temperatures.  Farmers should go in for crops based on the advice given by the officers. Only then farmers will get a good price for his crop. We will form Village farmers associations in the villages.  These farmers associations will coordinate and monitor the agriculture activities. Proper records should be maintained on whose owing the agriculture land and what is their status? When sale and purchases happen, village records should be updated accordingly. We will issue orders on the matter to the Registration department. We will also increase the number of mini soil testing labs,” the CM announced.


“Farmers should be given awareness on which are the food grains in demand in the state? Which crops have the demand? Which crop has the market? After studying the market conditions.  Farmers should be advised to take up crops accordingly. Fruits, flowers and vegetables should not be imported into the state from other states. We should produce what we consume within the State. We will take stringent measures to supply quality seeds to farmers. We will send those selling spurious seeds to jail under the PD Act. For this, if need be, we will get new Acts,” the CM said.

The CM has decided to hold a Conference of Agriculture officers in the state on 25th April 2017 at HICC in Hyderabad.  All officers from the Agriculture department from various cadres are invited for the Conference.


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