Allotment of Paddy to Millers

Allotment of Paddy to Millers according to their capacity

Transactions with Millers would go ONLINE, from now on

Commissioner of Civil Supplies Sri C.V.Anand, IPS

While addressing a meeting convened Today in the Civil Supplies Bhavan to
sensitize all the concerned including Rice Millers to handle the massive operations
meticulously, Shri C.V. Anand, Commissioner, Civil Supplies department, gave clear
directions, as Government is expecting yield of Paddy in unprecedented levels.
Reacting to the representation made by the Rice Millers regarding the issues
related to Paddy allotment, 6A Cases, Gunny bags and Storage godowns,
Commissioner informed that a high level meeting, to be presided over by the Hon’ble
Minister for Civil Supplies, Shri E. Rajender, would be convened shortly with Joint
Collectors, DCSOs, Managers of all the districts for the finalisation of Rabi Action
Plan. Shri Anand also requested millers to fully co-operate with the Government in
successfully completing Procurement operations in the coming Rabi season without
putting any new demands.
CMR rice would be allotted as per the capacity of the Millers.
Joint collectors are requested to allot CMR at the district level in consultation
with the Rice Millers association, by taking Miller’s Capacity into consideration. That
is to say…3000 tons of Paddy for a Mill which has a capacity to handle 32 tons only,
and similarly 4000 tons for 40 ton mill, 5000 tons for 50 ton mill, 6000 tons to 60 ton
mill and ultimately 8000 tons to a Mill which has a capacity of more than 60 tons.
As per the representation of the President and General Secretary of the State
Rice Millers Association, all joint collectors, DCSOs and Managers are instructed to
blacklist those Mills which draw more than 8000 tons of Paddy, and to keep an eye
on the consumption of Power by the Millers to counter malpractices.
Commissioner stated that there is a visible change in miller’s attitude in handling
Government paddy and said that there is still scope for further improvement.
Expressing his satisfaction over delivering 99% of CMR in a record time in Khariff
season, Shri Anand requested millers to deliver CMR even faster in the Rabi season
and also to return empty gunnies to Corporation on regular basis to avoid the
circumstances of purchasing new gunnies which will have a huge financial impact on
Corporation activities.
Introduction of Online system for transparency
Since last Khariff, all transactions regarding paddy procurement are made
through Online Procurement Management System(OPMS), to totally avoid middle
men. From this Rabi season, even the transactions with the Millers, like allotment of
Paddy, payments, receipts etc… would be brought through Online system, hence it is
mandatory for millers to make suitable arrangements at their premises.

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