3rd Global Milling Conference

About Conference : Meeting the food and feed security needs of nine billion people by 2050. Hosted jointly by GFMT, UK  and Assocom-India, this event looks at bringing to India international participants as either speakers or delegates to review the Indian milling industry – flour, rice, feed and grains – from a milling processing point-of-view. India with its one-billion-plus population will be a major user of milled products and a leading country in total milled grains in the decades ahead and will lead the region in technological advancements. Milling in India will benefit from the adoption of modern milling practices and processes which this conference aims to highlight.

Opening & Keynote presentation
• Trends in flour milling industry
• Trend and Developments in Feed milling
• Innovation for quality production of milled products for India
• A critical review of policies

Session 2: Food and Feed for Globe – “Feeding 9 billion by 2050”
• Global Outlook
• Challenges to feed masses
• Challenges to secure nutrition security

Session 3: Value of Quality for Sustainability
• Procurement and Storage issues
• Quality and sustainability with upgrading mills
• Modern Flour Milling

Sessions 4: Milling Developments 2 – Panel Discussions.
• New Technologies “What’s new in feed and food milling?
• What’s new in Feeding mlling?
• What’s new in flour milling ?

Session 5: The way ahead “Adopting quality control programs & regulations”
• Food Safety and Regulatory Regmine
• Do we need one international standard to meeting market and quality challenges
• Conference Concludes

For more details, visit at www.gmc.assocom-india.com
AGENDA attached for your kind perusal.

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